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Every year we think we have produced the best bulls yet. This year's group is truly one of the strongest set of bulls we have offered.

















Lot 007F



Big bodied Commissioner son with a small head and easy doing look about him.



Lot_179F Lot 179F

Well balanced Ledger son is an ET from our 622 cow. Complete and deasy to look at, his marbling EPD is well above average.



Lot_314F Lot 314F

Nice Patriot sired ET bull from the old 622 donor cow. Solid foundation genetics.


Lot_321FLot 321F

Real nice bull here from a Fargo daughter that has always done a great job. He was born a twin to a heifer and the cow raised them both. She is a hard worker.


Lot_345FLot 345F

Another big bodied bold sprung Commissioner son. The 345 cow raised a high selling bull last year and does a great job.


Lot_352FLot 352F

A very attractive bull with above average growth and carcass EPDs.


Lot_359FLot 359F

The Commissioner sons are very consistent, same look, growth and EPDs are great.


Lot_360FLot 360F

This is one of the best Major Impact sons ever offered. Deep bodied and bold spring of rib.


Lot_405FLot 405F

Real nice Fargo x Ledger bull that is extra gentle and long bodied.


Lot_406FLot 406F

This Fargo bull will get your vote. His Blue Value mother is rising to the top of the herd. # great calves in a row.


Lot_421FLot 421F

This bull's Dam is one of the most attractive Fargo daughters in productions. Also traces back to the 056 cow.


Lot 458F

This long bodied bull will get your attention with his growth and muscle pattern.


Lot_472FLot 472F

Super long and well muschled with great growth and low BW. This young cow did a great job last year too.


Lot 514F

This Fargo x Ledger bull looked good all summer and has done great in the feedlot. Very correct and quiet.


Lot_531FLot 531F

Powerful Fargo son, good cow family, Grand Dam was a super attractive No Doubt.


Lot_550FLot 550F

This bull is big and pretty. Patriot and Fargo combination, it has worked well.


Lot_552FLot 552F

Long and stretchy with lots of performance built in.


Lot_570FLot 570F

I should have called this bull Tubby. If you like a bull with lots of depth and capacity, he has it. Plus an extra everything else to boot. Grand dam was 626 - Diamond Dam of Distinction.


Lot 576F

Super sharp profile with plenty of meat and performance. Patriot x Fargo.


Lot_583FLot 583F

Wide body Patriot son with a bunch of performance. Think about the feeder cattle he will sire. Also a very desireable set of EPDs for maternal qualities and carcass traits.


Lot_605F Lot 605F

Extra style and growth in a Landmark x Patriot. Only horned bull in the sale, but don't hold that against him, he is good.


Lot_627F Lot 627F

Great heifer bull candidate, long and clean made with good performance.


Lot 651F

One of the longest bulls you will see anywhere. Attractive, well muscled and weaned over 900 pounds from a first calf heifer. Take a look!

Lot_678F Lot 678F

He is a moderate frame, low BW bull that could be used on heifers. Traces back to our 622 donor cow.