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Every year we think we have produced the best bulls yet. This year's group is truly one of the strongest set of bulls we have offered.


















Lot 003E Thick made Patriot and full brother to one of last years high sellers.



Lot 0014E This Fargo son is an easy moving bull from a great old Gridmaker cow. 2 full brothers have gone through past sales. This one has done well in the feedlot.




Lot 059E An attractive, bigger framed Impact son and a maternal brother to last year's high selling bull.



Lot 124E You will definitely be impressed by the wide body on this bull. This cow produces a calf like this every year.



Lot 202E Super attractive Commissioner son with above average growth and EPDs.


Lot 214E Low BW son of Commissioner is super stylish and has good feedlot performance.



Lot 244E Here is a powerful ET son of Patriot and our Matron cow 622. We flushed the old cow to get more heifers and were not disappointed. This bull is the caliber she is known for producing in past sales.



Lot 245E Very stylish Patriot son. His mother is proving to be a herd builder.



Lot 249E April born Western Way son with loads of class.



Lot 314E Another ET son of Patriot and cow 622. Very correct and attractive.



Lot 329E This could be my favorite Patriot son. His mother is very long and feminine with a nice udder. A real keeper for sure!



Lot 333E His mother has put a bull in the top half of the sale every year. Third time's the charm! Best one yet.



Lot339E Patriot and Fargo at work here, and the results are awesome!



Lot 345E This Fargo son is one of the thickest I have ever raised. Correct and high volume with a little extrap bone makes for a true performance bull.



Lot 356E This cow is not very big, but has raised a calf like this every year. This bull is super long and correct. Put him to work on black or red commercial cows. Top EPDs and TSI number.


Lot 408E Very nice, easy going Fargo and Ledger bred from a moderately framed cow.



Lot 419E Patriot and Fargo strike again! Look at the muscle and shape on this round bodied bull. Long as a 4 door pickup!



Lot 436E One of the most complete Fargo sons in the sale. His mother produced a super thick ledger son last year that sold to Utah. She is a nice, moderate framed cow that is making a name for herself.



Lot 449E A Patriot and Fargo that really gets the job done. Grand Dam is a Diamond Dam of Distinction.


Lot 522E This is a very stylish Blue Ray with Fargo performance built right in.


Lot 527

Lot 527E This Landmark bull by a Fargo first calf heifer was the heaviest actual weaning bull calf in the whole herd. he is showing no sign of slowing down. He was the heaviest bull the day we clipped and he just keeps going. Correct, stylish, cleanly made, house cat dispositon with a big scrotal. Retaining 1/4 semen interest.


Lot 552E

Lot 552E The Recharge sons all have the same look. Long and clean.


Lot 906E

Lot 906EA This Patriot twins (906EA and 906EB) are from one of my favorite cows. She is a moderate framed, high volume cow and nicely uddered. A was raised on his mother and B was on a foster cow that didn't milk quite as well. They are both heavy muscled and moderate framed bulls that stand square, front and back. Very nice bulls that almost have a clubby look